Botox (Hyperhydrosis Treatment)

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that is characterized by excessive sweating which can affect one specific area or the whole body. While it isn’t life threatening, hyperhidrosis can have a significant negative impact on a patient’s self-esteem, happiness, and quality of life. Our injectors will consult and provide customized Botox treatments for hyperhidrosis to give our patients effective and long-lasting relief from excessive sweating.

What can I expect from the BOTOX® treatment? Your doctor will inject the BOTOX® medication just below the surface of your skin using a fine needle. You will receive several in the treatment area and your injector may apply a numbing agent to keep you comfortable.

Will I require repeat treatments? While the results of your BOTOX® treatment are effective and long-lasting, they are not permanent. You may require another treatment 4-6 months after the initial procedure.

When can I expect to see results? While you will notice a significant difference after your treatment, it will take about 14 days for you to see the full effects of the procedure.

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